(Munich, 23.02.2020) The story of the company Schiedel, originally founded in Erbach near Ulm, is also a story of an impressive entrepreneur with a vision: Over the past 75 years, the former chimney manufacturer has developed into an industry-leading provider of efficient and future-proof heating – (and ventilation) systems that are optimally tailored to today’s needs.

It all began in 1946 when the company’s founder, Senator Friedrich Schiedel, founded the Schiedel company, which, at that time, had the name Erbacher Bauwaren. Already in 1947 he transformed his concrete plant in Erbach into a chimney factory, and from 1951 on he focused his production on manufacturing double-walled chimneys. From that time on the company produced under the name Schiedel. In 1952 the production of chimneys started in Munich. Between 1961 and 1966, Friedrich Schiedel set up several production and sales facilities in Germany and Austria. In 1971 a central administration building was built in Munich. Until 1990 he continued to expand his business operations in Germany and Austria and then transferred the Schiedel Group to Braas GmbH.

Europe’s number 1 – Schiedel as a leading provider of complete solutions
Today, Schiedel is the leader in the field of heating-, (ventilation and stove) systems. The technically high developed design products make a significant contribution to improving the living environment. As the European market leader in highly energy-efficient chimney systems, Schiedel now has 75 years of market experience and offers its customers high-quality, innovative, reliable and energy-efficient products and services for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition, the system solutions from Schiedel are safe and easy to install.

Part of Standard Industries
Since 2018, Schiedel has been an independent business unit within the Standard Industries group of companies with a total of 20 production sites and offices in 25 European countries and combines the strength of the group with the sovereignty of national offices. In 2019, Schiedel generated sales of almost EUR 200 million with around 1,400 employees.

Outlook into the future
For Schiedel, the market leadership role is both a confirmation and a motivation. Through constant market and technology research, as well as continuous improvement of the production processes, Schiedel remains an innovative market leader and offers sustainable, efficient and long-lasting system solutions with a high level of security.

In close cooperation with its customers and construction partners, Schiedel intends to continue to drive the chimney (and ventilation) market significantly in the future.