(Munich, 07.12.2020) Schiedel has recently successfully carried out fire resistance tests according to the latest European standard EN 1366-13:2019 “Fire resistance tests for service installations, Part 13: Chimneys” and has reached EI 120 classification for our Double Wall Insulated System Chimney ICS in a closed scenario (type A) for both vertical and horizontal set-ups. We passed 120 minutes fire resistance with closed specimens (type A) in both horizontal and vertical installation.

Efor Integrity! It refers to chimney’s ability to stop the flames or hot gases of a fire from physically passing from one side of the chimney (the fire side) to the other side (the non-fire side) through holes, gaps, cracks or any other types of openings. The chimney should stop flames and hot gases from passing through the element for the denoted duration

I for Insulation! refers to chimney’s ability to limit the surface temperature rise on the non-fire side of the chimney to 140°C as an average, or 180°C as a hot-spot maximum, for the denoted duration during which the fire side is exposed to a fully developed fire.

Schiedel is the first European chimney manufacturer to have performed the tests according to this latest fire resistance standard for chimneys.