Our openness to recognize and accept new challenges and the latest production processes are the basis of our entrepreneurial success. It has always been important for us to offer future-proof solutions that are optimally tailored to the respective requirements. Our solutions are suitable for residential and commercial buildings as well as for single-family houses and apartment buildings. Increase living comfort and improve quality of life with high quality and innovative solutions!

Chimneys, stoves and ventilation solutions engineered for your life.

With expertise and passion we create future-proof chimneys, stoves and ventilation solutions to bring cosiness to homes and efficiency to industrial buildings.


We have more than 75 years of market experience, long-lasting and efficient systems, intelligent assembly solutions and customer-friendly service. We are part of Standard Industries, a global industrial group with over 15,000 employees in more than 80 countries. In addition to Schiedel, Standard Industries also includes other industry-leading companies such as GAF, BMI Group, Siplast and SGI. Important corporate partners are the strategic investment companies 40 North and Winter Properties, a property management and development company.

We recognise that a stove is the heart of the house, because it increases well-being, brings families together and is the most sustainable way to warm living spaces. We are convinced that by providing environmentally friendly products and services, we can make an important contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings. We endeavour that through the motivation and service orientation of our employees, we can deliver added value to our customers. Our passion and our expertise flow into our daily work.

Our market leadership ascertains our depth of knowledge and expertise and also motivates us to further expand it in the future:

  • Our thinking and acting is always value-oriented.

  • We provide top business performance on the basis of absolute reliability and friendly helpfulness.

  • Our open corporate culture forms are the basis for the working relationships of our employees and are, therefore, the basis of our longstanding service

  • Our actions focus on our customers and their needs.

  • With high-quality products, timeless design and maximum energy efficiency, we increase living comfort and quality of life as well as the value of real estate.


Living is a valuable asset. Our customers are families living in single-family houses, multi-family houses or mobile homes. A fireplace or wood stove is standard nowadays and a real eye-catcher in the house. The modern design, the efficiency and an environmentally conscious use are always in the foreground when deciding and purchasing. So we have made it our task to always put the needs of the end user at the center of our work. This is addressed by our customer service and a development laboratory, which tests prototypes thoroughly under real conditions before they are ready for the market.

Non Residential

From the stadium, the cruise ship, combined heat and power plants and generators to venting a large kitchen or a data center – our customer portfolio spans through all areas of industry. We offer tailor-made and highly efficient solutions for companies and stand for longevity and sustainability. This is achieved by working closely with our customers, our engineers and production teams. The needs of our customers and the constant further development of our products are always the focus of our actions.


VISION: We lead the market in flue-ducting, integrated stove and ventilation solutions.

MISSION: Schiedel creates technically advanced, design driven products to improve the living environment. We have over 70 years of experience and provide our customers with trusted, innovative, high quality, energy-efficient products and services for both residential and non-residential buildings. Our products are safe and easy to install.

BELIEFS: We believe that a fireplace is the heart of the home as it boosts well-being, brings families together and it is the most sustainable way of bringing warmth to living spaces. We believe we can contribute to energy-efficient buildings by providing environmentally friendly products and services. We believe that if we care for our people we can ultimately make a difference to our customers. We bring our passion and expertise to work every day: this is the foundation of our success.



We offer highly energy-efficient ceramic products for new buildings. Schiedel has been in the market for more than 75 years, from thermally insulated casing stones to optimized thermal separating stones or concrete blocks that are independent of ambient air to floor-to-ceiling double-walled flue gas pipe systems made from ceramic as a building material.


From single-walled and double-walled stainless steel systems to the perfect symbiosis with ceramic flue gas routing to multifunctional high-temperature and low-temperature exhaust systems, we offer you the right solution. Schiedel offers the ideal solution for the latest exhaust and heating technology.


The stove is the soul and the center of the house. In addition to the standalone and ambient air-independent SIRIUS product range, Schiedel also provides a design furnace system called KINGFIRE integrated in the shaft. Efficient, award-winning, independent of indoor air and future-proof!


With our living room ventilation you always have pleasant fresh air in your own home. From our air distribution system LVS to controlled ventilation Schiedel KombiAir, with our ventilation systems you always have pleasant fresh air in your own home.


See what Schiedel can do for you…

For us, service is the epitome of our company’s value. We strive to keep improving in all arenas of service by taking initiatives to improve experiences while using our products and also interacting with us. That is why we continuously ask among other things ourselves: Where does our partner or customer need more support? How does he get the information he needs best and quickly? Which new training courses should we introduce to help advance knowledge for our installers? So many questions and highly sensitive topics relating to service require a structured approach. That is why we have developed a service concept that is supported by four pillars: support, training, logistics and technology.

Support Dame


Both professionals and end customers will find an array of tools at their disposal for the practical application of our products. They also have access to valuable background knowledge that makes it easier to choose the right system or product.

Schulungen und Trainings


Imparting know-how: We conduct different types of on- and offline training and cater to the needs of our customers. The professional empowerment of our stakeholders support in introducing our innovative technologies which can be applied.

LKW Logistik


As part of our service concept, we take the processes behind the term logistics a little broader. We support our customers with delivery on site, special requests, etc. We understand this to mean the coordination of customer contacts.

Technologie & Online-Tools


At Schiedel we continuously look at improving the overall customer experience. This has led us to introduce some unique tools for our customers such the BIM library for Architects or the Inspirator to visualise customisable rooms with our stoves.


Schiedel is certified by TÜV Süd and has a clear vision to integrate the Quality, Health and Safety, Energy and Environment into a unique management system according to ISO standards. Our products not only have a manufacturer’s guarantee on all system parts of at least 10 years, they also all have the necessary Conformité Européenne certificates (CE), they also have the necessary approvals and certifications from TÜV or OFI. In addition, some of our products impressed with their design and received the esteemed Red Dot Design Award, the PLUS X-AWARD and the ICONIC award “Best of Best”.


THE SPARK – that is the spark that drives us at Schiedel, so we proactively ask ourselves the question: What does the future hold for us? Only if we understand the answer to this question and its impact on our future life will we be able to meet new requirements. Find out more about future trends in the areas of “Family”, “Sustainability”, “Product & Design” and “Industry”:


Spending more time at home is becoming an increasingly desirable goal for many people. Thanks to online shopping and home office, there are more reasons to create a beautiful home. At home, families strive for maximum well-being– which leads to high expectations when it comes to aesthetics, functionality and, last but not least, convenience. Furthermore, the seamless integration of products into smart home ecosystems and on-demand all-round services is of great importance.

We are already trying to contribute to space-saving, cosy homes for today and future homeowners.


At no time it has ever been more important for us at Schiedel to offer customers long-term solutions based on sustainability, rather than just limiting ourselves to token gestures. Both, you as a customer as well as us as a company want to proactively change the world together. At Schiedel, we care deeply about the environment; we focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, low-energy solutions, like new filters, hybrid vents and thermo block stones. With KINGFIRE, we already provide an energy-efficient, low-energy and low emission solution suitable for low energy houses.

More about Sustainability at Schiedel.

Product & design

On top of the products being valuable and useable, we also need to build products and experiences that are enjoyable – focusing on how the things we have created makes people feel. At Schiedel we learn from and grow with our customers. We design and constantly adjust solutions that are based on customer needs, creating product features that exceed existing norms: clear, simple and effective design that radiates peace, improves well-being and saves space.

A cosy fire creates higher living comfort, quality of life and brings safety and independence to our customer’s homes.


Climate change affects industry and economics on many different levels, resulting in extreme weather phenomena. The number of conscious consumers is growing. Us and other companies are called upon to take these changes into account when it comes to developing new products as well as innovative services. On our mission to produce sustainably, we will continue to use and search for renewable resources and look for new ways to reduce waste.

Internally, we constantly push towards the future through constantly improving our production setup, BIM Offering and 3D CAD.