(Munich, 10.10.2019) Today we announce that Schiedel and Exodraft have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote complementary products and solutions.

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Exodraft has been developing, selling and producing chimneys and exhaust fans to control chimney draught for more than 60 years.

The cooperation will cover product development activities, prototyping, field tests and industrial collaboration as both companies aim to address the Residential and Non-Residential construction segments with products and solutions to ensure sustainable and profitable growth.

In the residential segment, the cooperation aims to develop a unique Clean Air solution combining stove, chimney and electrostatic precipitator as an integrated system. This combination will allow us to present the market with a bespoke solution capable of filtering out hazardous ultrafine particles from flue gases of any wood-burning stove or fireplace (old or new). The system, based on Exodraft’s new ground-breaking electrostatic particle filter, can reduce the number of fine and ultrafine particles by 90-95% as well as reduce the total particle mass by 70-75% (measurements carried out in accordance with Norwegian standard NS3058, corresponding to outside air conditions).

In the Non-Residential segment, the cooperation will focus on the promotion of energy-efficient heat recovery units from Exodraft combined with Schiedel steel chimneys. The goal is to offer efficient waste heat recovery systems addressing the needs of (e.g.) industrial bakeries, beverage productions, drying facilities and metal processing plants where waste heat can be transformed into valuable energy. Such heat recovery systems can recycle up to 95% of waste heat that would otherwise be lost. The amount of energy lost as flue gas or process air is typically 10-15%, and we can help reduce this loss to a minimum. Well-engineered heat recovery systems (comprising efficient heat exchangers and the correct steel flue ducting) have a return-on-investment of only a few years while reducing CO₂ emissions and minimising the user’s environmental footprint.

I am thrilled to join forces with Schiedel who, with their unique know-how and ubiquitous European market presence, is an ideal team player for Exodraft in this new and exciting endeavour to bring about a cleaner, more sustainable future in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Jørgen Andersen, Managing Director at Exodraft

Although we are at the very beginning of our cooperation, I am excited to start this journey together. Schiedel and Exodraft are leaders in their respective field and via this cooperation we expect to provide the European market with new and advanced solutions.

Alessandro Cappellini, President at Schiedel Group