(New York, 24.07.2018) Standard Industries, a global industrial company, today announced that Schiedel, its European chimney, stove and ventilation business, will become a stand-alone operation within Standard Industries. As a result, Alessandro Cappellini, President of Schiedel, will report directly to Dick Nowak, Chief Operating Officer of Standard Industries.

Schiedel had been operating as a part of BMI Group, Standard’s leading European roofing company.

This next step in Schiedel’s continued evolution will strengthen their ambitious growth plans and help expand their residential and non-residential market leadership across Europe.

David Winter, Co-CEO at Standard Industries

Becoming a stand-alone company within Standard Industries will sharpen their focus and help unlock significant business opportunities organically and through strategic investment.

David Millstone, Co-CEO at Standard Industries

Schiedel’s award-winning stove systems bring energy- and cost-efficient heating to modern homes of all sizes across Europe. Our hundreds of global landmark projects range from football stadiums to distribution centres of premium sports car manufacturers, and industrial megaprojects including oil refineries and airports.