(Munich / Okup Wielki, September 20, 2023) After a ten-month build out, Schiedel’s new steel chimney manufacturing facility was officially inaugurated with an opening ceremony on September 19, in Okup, Poland. The facility will provide 250 jobs.

The United States Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, participated in the official inauguration of Europe’s largest and most advanced steel chimney system factory alongside Alessandro Capellini, President of Schiedel International, and Thomas Casparie, CEO of BMI. Both Schiedel and BMI, a leading manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions, are owned by Standard Industries, a privately-held global industrial company headquartered in the U.S. which operates in over 80 countries with over 20,000 employees. 

Alessandro Capellini, President of Schiedel International, explained: “I am pleased to open this new production facility in Poland, and I’d like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of our colleagues who have been involved in realising this project. This is a milestone in our organisation’s sustainability strategy to reduce our operational footprint and to fulfil customer demand in Europe.”

Among the 60 guests were members of local authorities, journalists and Polish national TV stations who witnessed the factory opening. After the ribbon cutting, the guests were given a guided tour of the new factory. The Okup facility covers an area of 49,000 square meters, and the main hall with the administrative section spans 11,500 square meters. 

The site was built and developed with a number of sustainable design and construction elements. For example, photovoltaics have been implemented in the facility to cover for the moment around 20% of the electricity demand. The walls of the building feature enhanced thermal insulation, which will reduce heating requirements. The heating system is based on gas, with full modulation applied, leading to energy savings of up to 14% compared to standard market solutions. A retention tank for rainwater was also constructed in front of the building, covering an area of 2,000 square meters and ensuring that all greenery will be watered solely with rainwater. The hall is equipped with an intelligent DALI lighting control system, allowing for intensity control in different areas to illuminate only the places where work is being carried out. Light inflow has been optimally designed through roof skylights with enhanced thermal insulation for heat flow, further decreasing electricity consumption. The office area, with its large windows, ensures abundant natural light while being shielded by a forested wall, minimising heating and cooling needs. In front of the building, there are 350 parking spaces, electric vehicle charging stations, and a bicycle shelter.


Schiedel, a European leader in chimney system production, chose to expand in the area of the Łask County near Łódź to take advantage of the experienced workforce from the nearby Wiewiórczyn facility, where Schiedel has been producing energy-efficient steel chimneys and flue systems for 15 years. The Okup facility will quadruple Schiedel’s production for markets across Europe.